Kia Gensan – Repair Service and Maintenance

Do you own a Kia? To keep your car in good condition, maintenance is needed and sometimes a few repairs. We provide all the services so you will continue to safely drive your Kia on the streets of General Santos! Our skilled mechanics are ready to help solve every problem.

kia gensan car tuneup

Kia Gensan Tune-up

Your Kia is not running as good as it should? In order to achieve the best performance, our mechanics can properly adjust your Kia in General Santos City so you can fully enjoy driving it.
kia gensan oil change

Kia Gensan Oil Change

One of the things to keep in mind as a car owner is: Do not forget the oil change in your car. This will ensure a long life of your engine. We always use high quality oil for your car engine.
kia gensan battery

Kia Gensan Electrical Car Repair

Weak Battery, broken alternator or the lights are not functioning? Our professional car electricians are ready to check your car wiring to make sure you stay save when driving on the streets of Gensan.
kia gensan aircon repair

Kia Gensan Air Condition Repair

The heat in Gensan can give you real trouble, especially when the air conditioning in your car is not working properly. In this case, we are ready to check and repair your car aircon.
kia gensan tires

Kia Gensan Tire Change

Are your wheels in good condition? You can visit our shop where we provide our tire changing service and guarantee the correct alignment.
kia gensan chassis

Kia Gensan Under Chassis Repair

If you own an older car, important parts of the chassis can become rusty and should be repaired. Visit us to make sure your car can still drive safely on unpaved roads.
kia gensan car painting

Kia Gensan Car Painting

Got an accident? Is there any damage on your car or a part of it that needs new paint? We do car painting for your whole car or a specific part of it. Visit our shop so we can talk about it.